Overcoming and strength united in a brand

Sportswear brand NPND arrives in the United States by printing a lot of technology in its DNA

With the slogan "The pressure defines you", NPND simultaneously launches in Brazil and the United States, its first collection totally focused on sports fashion. There are a total of 40 pieces, including T-shirts, shorts and pants, as well as accessories such as suitcases and backpacks. Created in 2020, a period of extreme pressure, the collection “was inspired by California - a versatile region, with snow, desert, beach and surf, and that breathes sport”, explains Carlos Ameni, founder of NPND

“Throughout the brand development process, the main concern was to understand how we could apply the most technological fabrics on the market in each of the pieces and how these innovations could, in fact, help athletes. Technology is not just an extra to design, it is what defines our philosophy and the determining factor in the consumer's purchase decision, which seeks products that help him get the most out of his own body and achieve exceptional results ”, says Ameni, professional with over 20 years of experience in the development of sportswear.

NPND unites the best technology in fabrics, with ultra fast drying, compression in the right measure, UV protection, polyamide, without bacteria, without smell and noble cotton. Its manufacture is national and uses 100% Brazilian raw material.

Born in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, the company has the initial challenge of overcoming market pressure and winning new customers even during the period of social isolation. The company, which brings resilience to its name - No Pressure No Diamonds - is confident that the initial obstacle will be overcome and will win over the public with its message of optimism and victory.

About NPND
It is the pressure that turns rough graphite into valuable diamonds. Just as it is the pressure that takes your best away from you. Founded in 2020, NPND was born with the objective of helping athletes from different areas to obtain extreme results, with technological fabrics and unique designs, so that the pressure of everyday life is the only obstacle to be overcome on the road to success.